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The Bow Point Nursery concept is unique to Alberta. We use sustainable practices to grow plants designed specifically for your landscape. We collect seed locally for the hardiest most vigorous plants possible. The seedlings are grown at the nursery in outside seed beds or in plug containers which are stored outside for the winter. This gives us the best possible plants to line out into our fields that grow on to become landscape sized material for your yard!

We grow in the soil in our fields (as opposed to container grown). We bare-root our plants in the spring and containerize for ease of transportation. Our soil is left in our field to be used for an infinite number of crops. We have an active compost operation which provides us with the organic material to maintain our soils to be optimum quality. We do not irrigate our fields. We have found that the native plants that like to grow here don’t need additional watering. This gives you a stronger, less pot bound plant which will adapt to your conditions quickly and with less maintenance

MistyNurseryCustom contract growing:

We collect seed and/or cuttings from specified sites to be propagated and grown in the nursery to specific sizes. This method of selective growing will ensure genetic integrity to an ecosystem. Seed source is one of the most important aspect of hardiness in plant material – the hardiest / best suited plants come from those propagated from an area into which they will be returned.

Plant and habitat design:

We have been collecting seed and cuttings from Southern Alberta for over 20 years. We have a strong idea of what plants and their densities should be designed into specific habitats. This service will ensure habitats and ecosystems are designed and planted to replicate the natural systems as they evolved.

Planting and design implementation: 

We can plant your site, to your or our specifications. We have a line of soil amendments and wood chip mulch to contribute to the success of the project. We plant to our own reclamation standards, which with adequate design components will ensure a successful project.

jasper willow

We offer delivery services of our products to your house or site.  Pricing will vary, depending on proximity to the farm.

Already have a landscape contractor or service in place? We can still provide plants for them to install – plus education on our plants, proper installation and care.


We offer full installation services for all the products we sell: from planting a single tree, to installing an entire landscape, or weeding, edging and mulching your beds.

Let our crew do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your new landscape worry free.


We believe that a landscape grows out of your ideas and needs. A landscape should fit your lifestyle and your ideals, not somebody else’s idea of what is best. So we will work together to create a unique landscape for YOU!

The first step is to tour our nursery – let us show you around – so you can take a look at the plants we grow to determine which ones are your favourites, the ones you can’t live without. We’ve been growing on this site for over 25 years and have lots of permanent plantings that showcase a variety of species. We also have planted areas around our own house that show off a multitude of plants, arrangements and processes.

Once you determine the plants you love, we work with you to develop concepts and ideas that you can implement on your own, or with our installation services.

If you need further assistance to create your landscape, we can arrange to meet you at your site for a consultation. We charge a fee for this service, which could take up to two hours, depending on the complexity of your situation. You might get enough ideas from the consultation to implement the installation directly.

If your design is complicated, we will take all the information back and create a design on paper based on the ideas discussed during the consultation. We charge a fee for creating our designs, which will vary based on the scope of the design.

We have also had great success in reworking existing landscape plans to accommodate our plants.