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  • Landscape Use: Use in moist, shady sites to create a woodland garden. Needs shade to thrive. Special Conditions: Limited numbers are available at the nursery because of its shade and moisture requirements.
  • Landscape Use: We use it for shade foliage as an understory. Unique and underused plant. Unknown in the mainstream nursery industry. Special Conditions: A new introduction with limited numbers.
  • Landscape Use: Alberta’s floral emblem. Fills in the space. Good understory. Hips stay on all winter, offering food for winter birds. Full sun to part shade. Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens. Special Conditions: Commonly used for reclamation for bank stabilization. Can be suckery and aggressive. Plant with caution in an appropriate site where there is sufficient space. Once you have roses, you will always have roses. Prickly rose (Rosa acicularis) and wild rose (Rosa woodsii) overlap habitats in Calgary and do hybridize.
  • Landscape Use: Striking rich understory creates a BC coastal feel in your Calgary garden. Can grow under spruce. Prefers shade. Special Conditions: Unique and underused plant. Unknown in the mainstream nursery industry. Can spread, so make sure you have room for it and that the space has been designed for proper use for an understory plant.
  • Landscape Use: Silver grey foliage gives a bright accent to dry shade areas. Seems to need some shade for best performance. Special Conditions: Needs some protection. Does not care for wet sites.
  • Landscape Use: Use as a distinctive low hedge. Very well-behaved, neat tidy plant. This is an alpine plant and would prefer full sun and dry. Special Conditions: Bow Point Nursery introduction. Needs to be planted in open dry areas and does not tolerate wet ground.
  • Landscape Use: Creates a small hedge that looks good all year. Works well as an understory plant. The plump white fruit creates a point of interest summer through winter. Form is thickest and prettiest in full sun; it is also very attractive in the shade, but will have a thinner shape. Special Conditions: Another example of a native plant that thrives in a multitude of landscape situations. Much hardier and more vigorous than mainstream choices.
  • Landscape Use: Use where you need a dramatic specimen tree. Any hot dry site is a good site for Ponderosa. Four season visual screening and sound blocking. Special Conditions: Requires hot and dry site. Montana seed source superior to BC seed sources
  • Landscape Use: Will climb a trellis without trying and can quickly provide a screen or lush green living wall. Use to create a screen or as an attractive cover in a wide range of sites within your landscape; it will even grow under that spruce. Be creative with this vine and encourage it to spread across areas where a groundcover is needed. Unique four-season features include dainty white flowers that give way to prominent seed heads which remain on the vine through the winter. Should be used in place of non-hardy introduced clematis. A nectar source for butterflies. Drought tolerant. Full sun or partial shade. Special Conditions: The mythology of clematis is that it needs cool roots; this native clematis does not require any special care and is another fine, attractive native plant too often overlooked in lieu of the introduced varieties of clematis.