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  • Landscape Use: Use where an upright form is needed. Excellent screen plant which retains its upright form. Orange leaves and red samaras are a fall highlight, although it is attractive all year. Does best in partial shade. Special Conditions: Requires a moist site. Might need some protection from the dry winter winds. A rare and unusual plant
  • Landscape Use: Gives a landscape a deep, lush, shady BC look. Likes the shade but does ok in the sun. Special Conditions: Insect resistant. Difficult to propagate, so numbers are low for availability; get here early.
  • Landscape Use: You can use this where you want a screen that has a nice deep, dark, dense green look. Green alders have a pretty form in winter and the silvery grey bark creates winter interest. Small birds like finches and chickadees eat the seed throughout the winter. Flexible in exposure, will grow in full sun or shade. Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens. A nitrogen fixer Special Conditions: Requires some supplemental watering. Place near downspout or in lower wet areas.
  • Landscape Use: Striking rich understory creates a BC coastal feel in your Calgary garden. Can grow under spruce. Prefers shade. Special Conditions: Unique and underused plant. Unknown in the mainstream nursery industry. Can spread, so make sure you have room for it and that the space has been designed for proper use for an understory plant.
  • Landscape Use: Small tree with four season interest. Large bunches of orange fruit stay on throughout the winter and create stunning winter landscapes, especially in the snow. Staple food for waxwings. Flexible exposure, sun or shade. Special Conditions: Still under trials at Bow Point Nursery. Rare and unusual, worth trying out as stock becomes available.
  • Landscape Use: Will climb a trellis without trying and can quickly provide a screen or lush green living wall. Use to create a screen or as an attractive cover in a wide range of sites within your landscape; it will even grow under that spruce. Be creative with this vine and encourage it to spread across areas where a groundcover is needed. Unique four-season features include dainty white flowers that give way to prominent seed heads which remain on the vine through the winter. Should be used in place of non-hardy introduced clematis. A nectar source for butterflies. Drought tolerant. Full sun or partial shade. Special Conditions: The mythology of clematis is that it needs cool roots; this native clematis does not require any special care and is another fine, attractive native plant too often overlooked in lieu of the introduced varieties of clematis.
  • Landscape Use: Small footprint and upright form create excellent screening, shade and winter effect. Prune the base branches if a more upright appearance is desired. Great winter accent plant. Can take extra water if available, but not a requirement. Grows well in shade or full sun. Special Conditions: This plant will not compete well with grass, so make sure your site is clean before planting. Mulch the alders.
  • Landscape Use: Hardy replacement for a lot of mainstream juniper cultivars. Life expectancy can be hundreds of years. Distinctive fragrance . lexible exposure; can take extreme hot and dry, but survives in the shade. Extremely drought tolerant; do not overwater. Special Conditions: Does not like excess moisture beyond normal rainfall. Resistant to juniper hawthorne rust.
  • Landscape Use: Use as an accent grass like plant. Evergreen look gives a true four season aspect to this plant. Sharp leaves discourage cats. Appears to be rabbit-proof. Special Conditions: Hot dry and full sun is required for optimum health and vigor. If your plant blooms, it is happy. No flowers for several years may indicate too wet or shady of a site.