Plants & Products

  • Landscape Use: We use it for shade foliage as an understory. Unique and underused plant. Unknown in the mainstream nursery industry. Special Conditions: A new introduction with limited numbers.
  • Landscape Use: Extremely flexible in a landscape as long as it is given some room to spread. Does not penetrate basements or irrigation systems as some common myths would have you believe. A fast growing plant which will provide good screening, wind protection and sound barrier. Full sun is always best for aspen until they grove. Extremely drought tolerant. Special Conditions: ant to be on drier sites. Do not irrigate.
  • Landscape Use: Balsam poplars are best in rural landscapes where there is lots of room to grow. An important reclamation plant. The native stands of poplars are in decline because there are no floods to rejuvenate the river bottom soils and the grasses have invaded the flood plains, which restricts poplar growth. Full sun to partial shade. See Paskapoo Poplar for a good urban or smaller site landscape plant. Special Conditions: Poplars do not compete well with grasses, always plant into mulched beds. Female poplars with their fluff seem to be unpopular.
  • Landscape Use: It’s a nice screening plant that grows fast with a distinctive tall vase-shaped form, providing good winter interest. Bebb’s Willow should be used in conjunction with aspen when building a naturalized aspen parkland habitat. Likes full sun. Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens. Native pollinators (bees) feed on the early flowers. Special Conditions: It’s the most drought tolerant willow in Alberta.
  • Landscape Use: Use as an understory to complete a landscape. Can be added at any time to an established landscape. Scented flowers add to the appeal of a woodland garden. Prefers the shade, but will also grow in a sunny site. Special Conditions: Vastly different from the cultivaed spiraea on the market.
  • Landscape Use: Will enhance your winter landscape with vibrant colours on twigs, buds and catkins. Soft, fine textured shrubs act as a great filler plant in the summer. Fits well into relatively narrow problem areas. Full sun. Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens. N ative pollinators (bees) feed on the early flowers. Special Conditions: Can handle wet, but this isn’t a requirement. You can make lovely pussy willow bouquets as a bonus.
  • Landscape Use: Gives a landscape a deep, lush, shady BC look. Likes the shade but does ok in the sun. Special Conditions: Insect resistant. Difficult to propagate, so numbers are low for availability; get here early.
  • Landscape Use: Use in moist, shady sites to create a woodland garden. Needs shade to thrive. Special Conditions: Limited numbers are available at the nursery because of its shade and moisture requirements.