//Western White Clematis (Clematis ligusticifolia)
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Western White Clematis (Clematis ligusticifolia)

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Landscape Use:
Will climb a trellis without trying and can quickly provide a screen or lush green living wall.
Use to create a screen or as an attractive cover in a wide range of sites within your landscape; it will even grow under that spruce.
Be creative with this vine and encourage it to spread across areas where a groundcover is needed.
Unique four-season features include dainty white flowers that give way to prominent seed heads which remain on the vine through the winter.
Should be used in place of non-hardy introduced clematis.
A nectar source for butterflies.
Drought tolerant.
Full sun or partial shade.

Special Conditions:
The mythology of clematis is that it needs cool roots; this native clematis does not require any special care and is another fine, attractive native plant too often overlooked in lieu of the introduced varieties of clematis.


Product Description

Woody vine up to 5m high that forms a dense growth.
Pinnately compound leaves, usually with 5-7 wide lance-shaped leaflets.
Clusters of small white flowers, 5-6cm across, bloom in mid to late summer.
Wind borne seed is small with a single hairy wing.


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