//Three Lobed Sumac (Trial) (Rhus trilobata)
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Three Lobed Sumac (Trial) (Rhus trilobata)

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Landscape Use:
Of limited use in the Calgary region due to cool nights; performs better on the prairies with the warmer summer nights.
Neat compact plant for full sun.
In the right spot, you can look forward to a great fall show.

Special Conditions:
We’ve grown it at Bow Point Nursery but it has not performed very well.
Research continues to find seed sources better adapted to the Calgary area.
Under trial at this point Not in normal production for sale; call to enquire.


Product Description

Rounded shrub to 1m high.
Smooth grey bark with a distinctive aroma when bruised.
Leaves are an intense green with three lobes that turn an orange fall colour on the prairies.
Clusters of small yellow flowers tight to the branches bloom in early spring before the leaves.
Round red fruit is covered with a waxy coating.


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