//Snowberry (Symphoricarpus albus)
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Snowberry (Symphoricarpus albus)

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Landscape Use:
Creates a small hedge that looks good all year.
Works well as an understory plant.
The plump white fruit creates a point of interest summer through winter.
Form is thickest and prettiest in full sun; it is also very attractive in the shade, but will have a thinner shape.

Special Conditions:
Another example of a native plant that thrives in a multitude of landscape situations.
Much hardier and more vigorous than mainstream choices.


Product Description

Low branching shrub to 1m tall.
Compact round form, especially in summer.
Fine branches with reddish-brown wood which turns grey and shredded as it ages.
Leaves are profuse and bluey-green with wavy margins.
Petite pinkish-white flowers bloom in summer.
Fruit is pillowy and pure white; persists through winter.


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