//River Birch (Betula occidentalis)
  • riverbirch

River Birch (Betula occidentalis)

Landscape Use:
Use as a small space screen; replaces columnar aspen.
Nice light, cool shade effect without being too heavy and dark.
Non-persistent catkins are desired by our small winter birds.
Place in a prominent place for winter viewing.
Full sun to part shade.
Can handle a wet site, but not a requirement.

Special Conditions:
Health and vigour of this plant not affected by birch leaf miners and it is best to ignore them if they do appear.
Selected seed source for narrow upright growth.


Product Description

Multi-stemmed tree to 7m tall.
Very narrow upright small footprint.
Bark is usually a bronzy dark red in winter; younger twigs are fine and red.
Leaves are small and fine-textured in the summer.
Bright yellow fall colour.