//Pincherry (Prunus pensylvanica)
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Pincherry (Prunus pensylvanica)

Landscape Use:
Winter bark and fall colours are major highlights of this plant.
Spring flowering is beautiful but short-lived (4-5 days).
Works well as a showy specimen tree.
Dense branches create an excellent small-headed screening all year-round.
You can race the birds for the fruit.
Grows in full sunDrought tolerant.

Special Conditions:
Do not irrigate.
Prefers a mulched bed and does not tolerate grass growing around its base.


Product Description

Bushy, often multi-stemmed tree to 6m tall.
Shiny red bark in the winter.
Shiny narrow green leaves turn orangey-red in the fall.
Delicate masses of white flowers appear in early spring before leaves.
Small bright red fruit mature late in summer.