//Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera)
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Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera)

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Landscape Use:
Use as a winter accent plant with its excellent winter bark colour.
Relatively small-headed tree works well in limited space sites.
Grows very well if planted in multiples.
Provides a light shade with good screening abilities.
Selected seed source by Exshaw shows some hybridization with River Birch, giving rise to eye-catching red, orange and white combination bark colours.
Red polls, finches and chickadees feed on the seed in the winter.
Flexible light requirements, full sun to partial shade.
Special Conditions: Although this seed source does not require extreme amounts of water, it will perform best in a mulched bed.
Health and vigor of this plant is not affected by birch leaf miners, and it is best to ignore them if they do appear; no need for chemical treatments.


Product Description

Single-stemmed tree up to 10m tall.
Young branches are deep bronze colour, older wood (5 year) starts to get white.
Small fine-textured leaves give a light mottled shade.
Non-persistent catkins are desired by our small winter birds.
Bright yellow fall colour.