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Our fine wood chip mulch is $40 / cubic yard, and has been run through a screening machine to produce a fine product suitable for all landscaping situations. Our wood chip mulch is sold bulk, so bring your pickup or bins, or we can deliver. This eliminates waste, as those cube bags are generally not reused and end up in the landfill after one use.


Product Description

We use and recommend a fine wood chip mulch. Our mulch was developed for use in Springbank landscapes, which on occasion can be fairly windy. We acquire wood chips from an arborist company, screen and shred the chips to make a fine ornamental mulch. This process uses a waste product that would otherwise end up in the landfill for use in your landscape. Optimum depth should be 75mm to 100mm, this seems to provide the best moisture retention and insulation for the soil.

The main function of mulch is to protect the soil from the wind and sun – to retain soil moisture. It will aid somewhat in weed control, but does not inhibit all of the weeds.

We do not recommend landscape fabric – the soil building process works better if the mulch is in direct contact with the soil.


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