//Herbert Birch (Betula papyrifera )
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Herbert Birch (Betula papyrifera )

Landscape Use:
Use as a winter accent plant with its excellent winter bark colour.
Relatively small-headed tree works well in limited space sites.
Grows very well if planted in multiples.
Provides a light shade with good screening abilities.
Red polls, finches and chickadees feed on the seed in the winter.
Flexible light requirements, full sun to partial shade.

Special Conditions:
Very similar to the previous Paper Birch, but of an unusual seed source.
The Herbert Birch were of a seed source east of Olds above the Red Deer River, south of their normal range.
This Birch is named in honor of our good friend Dave Herbert, an influential instructor at Olds College and an excellent plantsman.
Although this seed source does not require extreme amounts of water, it will perform best in a mulched bed.
Health and vigor of this plant is not affected by birch leaf miners, and it is best to ignore them if they do appear; no need for chemical treatments.


Product Description

Single-stemmed tree up to 10m tall.
Young branches are deep bronze colour, older wood (5 year) starts to get white.
Small fine-textured leaves give a light mottled shade.
Non-persistent catkins are desired by our small winter birds.
Bright yellow fall colour.