//Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa)
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Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa)

Landscape Use:
Fast growing filler and foliage plant.
Versatile, can be used in the deep dark shade or full sun.
Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens.
Attractive late season plant has dark green leaves with clusters of bright red fruit.
Good bird habitat.
The birds eat the fruit in the fall as they are migrating south and they do eat the fruit in the spring if there is nothing else to eat.

Special Conditions:
Deer resistant.
Does need to be pruned, and responds well to a rejuvenating hard pruning.
We cut down the ones by our greenhouse every spring and they grow back to 2m tall by mid season.


Product Description

Tall lanky shrub to 2m high and wide.
Long pithy branches with long internodes.
Large succulent compound leaves, variable leaf margins from smooth to deeply toothed.
Large clusters of small creamy white flowers at the end of the branches appear in early summer, followed by large clusters of red fruit in fall.
Big fat purple buds are noticeable just before leaf break.