//Dwarf Raspberry ‘Druby’ (Rubus arcticus Druby)
  • dwarf birch

Dwarf Raspberry ‘Druby’ (Rubus arcticus Druby)

Landscape Use:
Can grow in deep, dark, cold, shady north facing sites.
Fills a small space about 0.5m wide with a dense green mound.
A lovely addition to the shady perennial garden.
Loves shade.

Special Conditions:
A new introduction of a native plant.
Limited supply for a few years as we work on increasing propagation.


Product Description

Low, 15cm high by 0.5m wide.
Mounding groundcover with lush green leaves that are nicely textured, deeply lobed.
Delicate pink single flowers sit on top of the plant and bloom in early summer.
Small aggregate red fruit.


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