//Common Wild Rose (Rosa woodsii)
  • common wildrose

Common Wild Rose (Rosa woodsii)

Landscape Use:
Fills in an area quite nicely.
Good understory for large beds.
Full sun to part shade.
Extremely drought tolerant for Calgary and area gardens.

Special Conditions:
Commonly used for reclamation for bank stabilization.
Suckers aggressively.
Once you have roses you will always have roses.
Prickly rose (Rosa acicularis) and wild rose (Rosa woodsii) overlap habitats in Calgary and do hybridize.


Product Description

Bushy shrub 1-1.5m tall.
Red bark with thorns on the nodes; new growth is generally smooth (thornless).
Compound leaves, 5-9 leaflets, green turning a nice red in the fall.
Single pink flower blooms mid to late summer.
Mildly fragrant.
Rose hips are an attractive winter feature.


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