Grass Seed – Firewood – Winter Cuttings

Bow Point Nursery offers two grass seed options and firewood, available to pick up at our tree farm and nursery (we can deliver, too).  In late fall and winter, we switch over to our winter cuttings program.


Sheep’s Fescue (Festuca Ovina) is a bunchgrass that is extremely drought resistant once established.  It forms short, dense tufts with numerous greenish blue leaves, and does not spread by creeping roots.

Eco-Grow Lawngrass is a five fescue blend of hardy grass seeds.  The blend currently comprises 25% Sheep’s Fescue, 25% Beacon Hard Fescue, 20% Gibraltar Creeping Red Fescue,  15% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue, 15% Radar Chewing Fescue.  The resulting grass has a hint of orange due to the red fescue component, and will spread to close the gaps between clumps due to the creeping fescue components.

Use either one of these grass seed types to overseed your current lawn to create a more drought resistant lawn that doesn’t require as much mowing or watering.  Come to the farm and ask us how!


The firewood is mixed wood from the Arborest Expert Tree Service – whatever they cut down we have… spruce, poplar, apple, birch, etc…!  Firewood is self serve and costs $100/ pickup truck load or $250/ cord. We can deliver it to you for a fee.


In late October and early November once we put our fields to bed for the winter, Bow Point Nursery turns into Santa’s Workshop!  We harvest stems and boughs from our mature trees and shrubs for use in winter containers.

Dogwood, willow, birch, ponderosa, oh my!

We sell large quantities to designers to create the beautiful planters in your neighbourhoods, but we also sell smaller quantities to homeowners too.  Call us in late October & early November so you can make some winter magic, too.

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Come spring, our rows and rows of pussy willows burst forth attracting bees who are brave enough to venture out in the early spring sunshine (and designers looking to add a pop to those planters).  This is when we harvest our pussy willows.  Large silvery pussy willows on pink or red stems…  a dream in the making!  Call us in spring to join in on the spring fun.