What We Do Here At Bowpoint Nursery

A sustainable approach to growing plants, for those who wish to have their landscapes mimic the ideals of nature.  We have the plants and the methods to replicate the native ecosystems of our area for small yards or subdivisions.

After many years of testing and trialing a multitude of native woody plants of Southern Alberta, we have come to the conclusion (and proven) the natives are drought resistant, insect tolerant, disease tolerant, chinook resistant and more stable in an urban or rural landscape than most of the introduced plants.

Who We Are

Bow Point Nursery is lovingly cared for and owned by Lindsey Sonntag. She brings energy, experience and dedication to Bow Point Nursery. Lindsey is a hands on owner and love to get our hands dirty to help our trees and plants grow.

We believe that putting in that little bit of extra effort pays off because we see it every day throughout the nursery. We know that a tree farm needs to be nurtured in the right way and this is why we hand weed and personally attend to the nursery.

We Offer Quality

Bow Point Nursery prides itself on providing Albertans with native plants of exceptional quality. All of our plants, trees, vines and shrubs are specifically bred and grown for a long and healthy life within our unique climate.

At our tree farm we believe in staying connected with the soil and the plants and trees that we grow. For this reason we hand weed and maintain natural growing techniques. This dedication serves to improve the longevity and health of our soil, which benefits our trees and plants. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for the great presentation to the Master Gardeners. I so appreciate your ongoing support to the program.

Jane Reksten, Botanical Education Coordinator, Calgary Zoo Master Gardener Program

On behalf of the Cross Conservation Area, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of gift certificates to our Volunteer Celebration of Success.

Katherine Mouton, Cross Conservation Area